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adding peacocks to the tank

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Hi! I am Looking for advice on a cichlid tank and thinking about peacocks.

Currently I have an adult female red zebra that seems friendly in my tank with a female peacock and several yellow labs. I have a 50 gallon tank and would like to add more color. I was thinking about a male ruby red and was wondering how many fish to add and what type. Also, would it be advisable to put a blue hap in the mix or would that upset the applecart? I realize that many people feel the zebra may be a problem but not so far. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the input! I am just looking for some colorful and entertaining fish and don't want anyone to get hurt. I do have a ton of plants, coral, rocks and structures to hide it.

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What are the dimensions of the tank? I don't think I'd mix red zebra and peacocks.
My red zebras have never bothered my peacocks, but I've always had the zebras in a group. They worry about each other too much to bother with the peacocks. My female red zebras are aggressive, my old male died, in the month between males, they almost killed each other. Yet never bothered a peacock.
It can be done, but I've had luck on my side. I've got a crazy mix, but they even sleep together sometimes.

Nearly all these fish grew up together, that may be a contributor. I'd be cautious adding anything with adults when you don't know how they will react.
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