ad konings

Ad Konings​

Between now and July 7th we'll be doing a short profile on this year's American Cichlid Association 2016 Convention speakers. Starting off with a person synonymous with cichlid keeping, Ad Konings. Born in the Netherlands, Ad's passion for cichlids began at the age of 14. Although he originally studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam, Ad is now one of the most recognizable names in ichthyology. In 1991 Ad started his publishing company, Cichlid Press and published his first of many cichlid books, Cichlids Yearbook, vol. 1.

In 1996 Ad Konings moved to El Paso, Texas. He has published many of the best books on cichlids and continues his research on the subject. Ad is also very involved with the Stuart M. Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund. Ad's lectures are always exciting, informative and insightful. Join him and other speakers at this years ACA 2016 Convention.