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Acting Weird

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I moved last week, I removed about 20 gallons from my 29 gallon tank and wheeled it to my new apartment (about two blocks away). I am I set up the tank in its new locations and slowly added back treated water. I was as careful as possible to minimize the mbuna's stress level, but I am sure they were not happy with the move. Since the move, my mbuna's have been very shy (a lot more than usual). They hide at the sight of any motion outside the tank. The new location of the tank is not in a higher traffic area. Has anyone had experience with this? I know some fish are more shy than others, but I am hoping they start acting normal again.
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They did get wheeled 2 blocks and put into a new setting. I'd give them a few weeks to get used to the new environment.
Have you checked your water parameters? When my fish are stressed they tend to hide a lot. They dart from one hiding place to another, almost as if the light is hurting them. 9 times out of 10(not that this has happened 10 times :lol: ) I check my water and something is off. A 30% water change usually helps them act somewhat normal again. If in fact your parameters are out of whack, follow with daily 20% water changes until your back on track. Just out of curiosity, where was your filter during the 2 block stroll? Was it hanging on the tank drying out? if so you may have killed quite a bit, if not all of your bacteria. You're probably going through a new cycle, or at least mini-cycle.
Bottom line, keep an eye on your water and reduce your feeding so they produce less waste until everything is back to normal. :thumb:
I have two filters, both were left in the old apartment during the compute. I left tank water in the HOB, and the same for the canister filter. I setup the HOB filter immediately, but I didn't setup the canister filter until the following day.

I am not worried about them. I was curious if other people experienced the same thing, and how long it may have taken for the fish to come around.
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