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My parrot cichlid is nearly 12 years old, so you know, maybe she IS getting acne...

She lives alone in her tank - has for three-plus years. Last Saturday, noticed what looked like a small whitehead near the center of her left dorsal. It kinda looked like it was spreading on Sunday, and maybe there's something on her right side? Hard to tell...

My wife and I also think that her eyes (the fish, not my wife's) look a little bulgey? But we may just be looking too hard. Definitely not popeye, yet.

I usually do a 30-40% water change weekly. Did closer to 50% on Sunday, plus scrubbed all of her filter lines. Wife did about a 10% change on Wednesday.

Chemistry looks good - ph is maybe a titch low? Nitrate is just shy of 20 - but it has run high for years. It's all live plants in the tank, so of course she tears them apart.

Just did a 20% change. Waiting on antibiotics until someone gives me some advice.

Started adding aquarium salts about three months ago, had never done that before.

I haven't seen ich in 30 years, but if I remember correctly, it was lots of little spots, kinda fuzzy, and closer to the gills. This looks like it's subcutaneous, but can't be sure.

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