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AC 110 Migration

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Hey there guys and gals, just picked up an AC 110, upgrading from a Top Fin 60 as I didnt like the cheesy carbon cartridges. I did have two small bags of ceramic bio-media in between the cartridges and filter exit.

My question is, will moving the two established bags of bio media over to the 110, placing them on top of the foam block, and underneath the new bio media, will that be alright having only the cartridges with no carbon in the Top Fin 60? Just a peace of mind question against spikes! thanks in advance guys!
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I haven't used either filter but you don't need any carbon at all. It's only useful purpose would be for removing meds from a tank that you dosed with if you had an illness etc.
Leave the top fin running and give your AC 110 time to establish.
It will help if you scrub the glass with the new foam inserts, to transfer some of the nitrifying bacteria to the sponge.
Leave the top fin running and give your AC 110 time to establish.

Awesome, thanks guys! After reading tons on this site to get my tank up and running, It was clear that carbon was not necessary. Now I'm using the cartridge frame, wrapped in quilt batting. Works like a charm!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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