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Oh wow... what are the dimensions of this beast? I think you got a nice UPGRADE over your original build idea. And yeah, though it may have cost you some irritation - that is one heck of a big aquarium you wound up with! And, as for some set up and stocking recommendations? Sure!
My stuff will sort of depend on what your water parameters are naturally out of the tap that you will be filling and maintaining this aquarium with. Do you have water that is soft and low in PH? Or, hard and alkaline? Do you know what the PH measures out at?
Oh.... and I guess I'm one of those weird people that likes seeing pictures or looking at OTHER aquarists Frontosa. I mean yeah... they look really nice and get up to a big size and all that. And yes, they do stock pretty well together when kept in a big group.
I think they act kind of 'dopey' when not being fed or something. And unfortunately, just don't have very much individual personality. But, it's all what you like and personal choice is king, right? So, if you'd like to hear what I could scratch up in recommendations for you instead, in a tank that big? Sure! Post up your water parameters, and we'll possibly see where that thing goes.... :cool:
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