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To my knowledge, there is no evidence of stripping causing the fry to not hold when they are adults. SOme females are just really bad at it, and others just require more practice to get it right.

I strip most of the time. Even if I am not intending to keep the fry, i will strip the females at about 19-20 days so she can get back to eating sooner. I also find that many females (especially those left in the main tank) may hold the fry longer than they should because they don't feel safe letting them out. This often causes fry death or deformaties from being squished in her mouth.

Many females will also spit when you net them. I try to avoid netting them too early so that any they spit out in the net are old enough to survive on their own.

If you do have more than one holding female in a maternity tank, then a divider would be best. The females will see each other as danger and this can again lead to the fry being held too long.

If you choose to let the females spit on their own, you must keep a very close eye on them. The female s must be removed as soon as possible after they release, or they will begin to munch on their own fry.
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