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A Hint/trace of Ammonia

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Last night before I went to do my water change..I tested the tank as usual before each water change. I noticed a small small hint of ammonia. I don't understand how this could be? The tank was properly cycled and since I've had the fish in their (Jan7th) water parameters have always read 0 0 10-20

I looked at the beeker a million times in the light against the color chart every which way but loose. It Looked like it read somewhere between 0- .25. Could my eyes be going? There are only 5 baby fish in their no bigger than 2 inches. Since i've had them i'm doing 2 15 gallon water changes a week and I do not overfeed. Since they are babies I've been feeding 2x a day but only what they can eat in a few minutes. I did the water change and tested right after and the reading was yellow. I tested again early this morning and it was 0ppm.

When I initially tested the water it was right after I fed them..could that have made a hint of ammonia? What are some of the reasons ammonia can show after a tank has been cycled. Besides overstocking and over feeding, is their anything else. BTW I tested my tap too 0ppm ammonia. I did compare the 2 beekers last night as well just to make sure it was the same color yellow. IDK maybe the way the beeker hit the light it made it look an off shade that possible. What kind of light is the best way to get the most accurate reading on the API tests?
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What did the test show after the change? That is a very light load for a tank that size. I would do one 30 gallon change a week rather than two 15s. This could be an anomoly and may only show up this once. If you do get an ammonia reading it should disappear after a time if the tank is cycled and increase if it isn't. Check daily between changes to establish what is actually happening.
what's the difference between 2 15 gallon and 1 30 I'm still taking out 30 gallons a week. I've just decided to divide it up by 2 because I use 3 5 gallon buckets to empty then 3 5 gallon buckets to fill. Where my tank is located I cannot use a python for water changes. It's 2 flights downstairs from the closest sink. But this only takes me like 30 minutes to do.

I will test again tonite but I think this was just a freak thing. like i said the color was closer to yellow than the color of .25 but it was not a bright yellow. who knows! Could I have disturbed BB in gravel? I gravel 1 half one day and the other half 3 days later.
what's the difference between 2 15 gallon and 1 30 I'm still taking out 30 gallons a week.
The time between the first & second change, ammonia is being added back to the volume of water. But i see your point
I see your point too..but ammonia is being added every day 24 hours a day just with the fish in their and their waste. Believe me..I would LOVE to have a python..I even looked at installing a utility sink by my tank..but I don't have a drain or my water pipe is not in the right location. I can actually use my python to fill only..but I was having issues due to the gravity of getting all the water out. It took me like 45- 50 minutes to manually get all the water out of my 50 ft. These buckets, although I know not the most efficient are much better for now. But eventually I will have use for my I'm hangin on to it.
Chloramine will register a false positive for ammonia.
Are you using tap water? I am having some issues with my tap water testing at 2.00 ppm ammonia! I kept wondering WHY my newly set up tank, doesn't even have fish in it yet, was testing for ammonia. I checked the water like 3 times before checking my tap and other tanks. It came straight from tap.

I really wanted to add my fish to tank last night. I treated it with my water conditioner but it is still testing for ammonia? WTF?

is it possible it is chloramines then?
I use Prime to condition my water. I did test my tap and my tap has 0ppm ammonia. I don't think I really had ammonia, I think I just looked at the beeker in the wrong light and it seemed to look not completely yellow. But since then My readings always come up 0ppm. Those color charts and the way you look at beeker against them depending on what kind of light can make the color look different from what it really is.

Since my tank has been cycled my reading have always been 0 A 0 Nitrites and somewhere between 10-20 Nitrates.
sounds like your tanks in the basement?if it is you probably have a drain in the floor to empty your water into,if not you could get a pump and hose set-up to the sink upstairs,just a thought,I would have to carry buckets up the stairs :thumb:
LOL my tank is in the basement Did I mention that in a previous post? I have a 50 foot python which I can use to fill only from kitchen sink to basement. Emptying out hose is what the issue is. I fill 3 buckets of fresh water up..and empty tank with cyphon hose into 3 empty bucket all at once. Takes 7 minutes. Then I pour buckets of clean water in tank..takes another 5- 7 minutes. The only pain in my touchas is carrying up 3 buckets to dump outside. whole process takes me 20-30 minutes. I don't mind..builds up good arm strength

No drain in's a finished it's another room my family uses..well really me. My mancave is down there. When i want to get away from it all..I go to this room..and now I have my Oscar to keep me company while I watch football/Baseball/ play xbox :dancing:
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