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Here are some pictures of my all male tank. There are a few before and after photos and a few extra photos of some of my fish from my 55gal I had about 3 years ago. I used a Nikon D40X for the pictures.

125gal full tank shot

Royal before and after, about 6 months apart ... ish109.jpg

Frontosa at 4in and now at 7in

Sulfur Head

Red Empress and my late Taiwan Reef...killed by my now removed fryeri

Deep Water Hap and German Red

German Red and Lemon Jake

Fosso at about 4in

My favorite fish before it died in the early stages of stocking my 125gal

And some extras of fish I previously had in the 125gal or my 55gal ... ish149.jpg ... ish197.jpg ... ish147.jpg ... ish169.jpg ... ish164.jpg
55 gal partial tank shot ... ish146.jpg
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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