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In regards to your lfish dying, if you were as careful as you could be and did it the same as the other holding fish, then quite often it's just "one of those things." Just like when you buy a group of fish and a cuple of days later one dies for no apparent reason. You might have caused a slight injury to her and this stressed and subsequently killed her, who knows? Or possibly bullying when reintroduced into the main tank.

As for fry tank, I am raising 18 Demasoni fry in a 9 Gallon tank. They're approaching 1.5" now and about 13 weeks old and I'm about to sell them on. It depends on how large you want them to get before parting with them. I carry out a 40-50% water change every day if I remember. Doing it once a week isn't enough for a fry tank for optimum growth .
I also feed NLS Grow formula twice a day. My main tank is fed once a day.

It varies form fish to fish but I have put a 0.5" juvie back into the main tank and the adults haven't bothered it at all (demasoni don't chase their fry much and they also probably don't see it as being big enough to be a threat for territory etc.)

Have fun!

EDIT: As for the filters in the fry tank, only one would be needed for that sized tank. It's the water changes that matter more.
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