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If you don't already have one - add a sponge filter to the fry tank. Little fry love eating off the sponge. They are cheap, and great for fry tank. Look here:

As for water changes and feeding - you already got good advice. Change 50% of the water every day if you can, if not try to do it every two days. As much as I'd love to be able to do daily changes, my schedule doesn't always permit so I usually err on the side of every other day.

Feeding - feed them Cyclops-eeze in the beginning when they are tiny. In my humble opinion it helps the fish color up and "fatten up" quick. I usually feed this exclusively for the first week. After week 1 - upgrade to some frozen brine shrimp and crushed up spirulina flake. After 30 days or 45 I too move the ones that are a decent size to a bigger tank. They don't get eaten believe it or not, but when you add them - make sure to do a MASSIVE water change before hand in the bigger tank and rearrange the rockwork. You want to disorient the current tank mates as much as possible before adding the little guys.

Keeping up with fry is tough as often you run out of tank space. You end up with fry in your grow out tank that are too small to add to the main tank(s), but too big to introduce tiny new fry into because they'll eat those tiny babies. I usually float a breeder box in my fry grow out tank of newly hatched fry for 1-2 days before releasing them. I've floated it longer if I had to until other fish got big enough to move.

Also - you can think about dividing the 10 gallon
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