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A dark laternal line on Burundi

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Hi all Fronts and Gibs fans,

I have been keeping three Burundi six-stripe (pond raised fry) for two months, ranging from 3-5 cm.
Sometimes, a dark line is found along the laternal line, crossing the alternate black & white stripe. I asked someone in local group. The answers are....
1. after inter-breeding for several generation...?genetic defect?
2. a commensal fungus along the line??
3. emotional line - appear in stressful, disappear in delightful???
4. features of Burundi which not found in gibberosa or Zaire blue????
Well... I am so confusing :-?
How could I get rid of this dark line in my babies?
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Thanks a lot :idea: .
Will this sensory dark line be found in Moba or other gibberosa?
Someone told me that Moba will not has such a dark line.
Thanks for both of your comments.
The picture that Lloyd shown is exactly the same as my burundi. So might i say that the heavy dark lateral line is a feature of burundi, espically for those pond raised and under stress. For other fronts/gibs, no such obvious line can be seen except for those variants.
The follow up question is "what does mean by variants?". Is that means geographical variants or inbreeding variants (not wild type). Secondly, how could we keep the fronts/gibs too happy to show off their contrasting six-stripes without the "dark line".
For me, apart from keeping the satisfactory pH, hardness, temp., I put a small mirror (shared by local group) inside the tank. It seems work. They always play/fight with their image :eek: .
P.S. regular water change is a must.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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