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A couple of water parameter questions

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I've had to take my tank down to make a few repairs (leaky seals grrrrrrr) and I've only had one filter running on my holding tank. My other two filters has not been up and running, but I did leave water in them. Has all of the beneficial bacteria been lost? I've kept the substrate in a rubbermaid tub, with some water left in the bottom. When I get everything back up and running will I have to wait out before adding my fish back to the tank?
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How long has the tank been down? There has been some debate here on how long the bacteria will live. If there is no ammonia for the bacteria to feed on then it will die. If its been a while then try to "seed" your tank using some substrate from the holding tank. You can still use your old substrate but prepair for a mini cycle which may cause you to lose some fish.
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