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What to you think this species is? Also, more importantly, what do you think the sex is?

Next, do you think these two peacocks look too similar to each other to be in the same tank? I have read on here that you should not have lookalikes in a tank. I don't exactly know the reason for this, but I assume if they look similar they will compete with each other more?
Fish 1:

Fish 2:

Third question: What is this species? And is it okay to keep with my peacocks? I will say, that thus far, this fish and the peacocks totally leave each other alone.

Fourth question: What species do you believe the colorful fish in this photo is?

Last question: Does the fish in question #4 look too similar to these fish below to be in the same tank?

Thanks so much, you all are the best!

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I will move this to Unidentified so you can get opinions on species and gender.

I would remove the kenyi, as it is one of the most aggressive mbuna.

Part of getting to a successful all-male tank is trial and error, removing similar looking fish to see if you can get the one left behind to color better. Have an extra tank or two and a rehoming plan.

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1. Metriaclima greshakei, a Zebra type, not an exact ID but general type. Male would turn light blue with reddish orange dorsal
2. if they get along, they get along. If not, one will color down. They might fight, or not. If you have already bought them, might as well keep them
3. that is a young "Kenyi". A rather rough Mbuna, you don't want with the others if you want them to keep color
4. the reddish "Peacock" is a Jacobfreibergi hybrid male
5. the duller reddish Peacock may or may not color up with the others. Cichlids are variable.
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