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A. Borelli vs A. Trifasciata

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I have a 20 gallon heavily planted aquascape currently stocked with 8 Ember tetras, 4 Otocinclus and 10 Amano shrimp.

I have two caves built out of seiryu stone that could be used for spawning (if the pair decides they want to). Anyone have any experience with A. Borelli vs A. Trifasciata?

I like the look of both and they both seem to stay on the smaller side (less than 3 inches). I was looking at getting a pair of one or the other. I currently run the tank at around 72 F, but am fine bumping that up to 75 F (it will get a tad warmer than that during the summer just because it will be warmer in the house).

Temperament wise would either of these be a good option with my current stocking? I've read Borelli tends to be more peaceful than say A. Agassizii, but I haven't seen much about A. Trifasciata in terms of temperament.

Would one fair better than the other at temps below 75 F? I've read A. Borelli lives near mountain streams and has been found in temps as low as 50 F. I would never let the temp get that low obviously, but I do like running the tank more in the 72-74 F range as algae is less of an issue. Again, I don't care if they spawn, just want them to live happy and healthy.

I should note I would be purchasing tank bred if that makes a difference.
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hey, i'm(aquaticloch) on and saw you had a similar question :lol:, imo trifasciata prefer larger tanks and 2 spawning sites is probably too little, borelii are great fish much more timid than trifasciata but likely be a bit more aggressive.

Trifsciata can get to be 3.25 inches whereas the borelii usually top out at 2 inches, you may need to remove one of the trifasciata if the pair has a dispute but a 20 gallon tank would be likely fine with disputes between the borelii. Alternatively the trifasciata would be better parents in a community tank, and they have been spawned for a very long time because of this. i hope this helps and good luck, they both have great personalities.
Haha! Figured it never hurts to post in multiple forums. I'll go with Borelli and keep things happy in the tank
Love this discussion about Apistos.
And doooood.... the A. Trifasciata offers up some serious 'eye candy'! :eek:

Do you keep the A. Trifasciata in the usual 'harem' of 1M-2 or 3 females to reduce aggression/keep the females alive? And yes, I'm still in the planning, 'dry stage' of a brandy new, heavily-planted 20 gallon long tank. But, it definitely looks like I've got yet another Apisto 'contender' in the mix, to consider for this new biotope aquarium. 8)
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A. Trifasciata are stunning! looking to get a pair or trio myself :lol:, and if you are doing a biotope aquarium they would look amazing with a pair or maybe a trio, but if you want another very pretty blackwater species A.abacaxis would look better imo in with a trio or 1m 3f in a 20 long.

The purple throat on males looks amazing and is definitley a species with very pretty fish :eek:
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I've kept them both, and they are really nice fishes. The A. borellii are definitely a bit shy, but very beautiful, and probably would be the better choice for your setup. Good luck! :fish:
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