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A bit stuck with stocking

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After upsizing my tank from a 4ft 50gal to a 5ft/6ft 500-600L I'll be able to add more stock, however this is where I'm stuck....

Current stock:
Cyp leptosoma mpulungu x 17
Pair of julie Trans
Colonly of multies (most in a species tank)
5 synodontis (several petricola and 2 x 6" unidentified)
A group of ancistrus

Now, the tank is a bit tight, hence the upsize.
I'd like leleupi to add more colour and they are a reasonably priced and I can source locally, however I understand they may play havoc with the multis.
Would it still be a case of either/or in a 5ft or 6ft tank?
Calvus and comps are also local and reasonably priced for me.
I don't really want to spend around $20+ each on more cyps (also available locally) as mine breed every now and then so can up their numbers to a larger group slowly naturally.
There are others available mail order but are very expensive each and with delivery it's a small fortune but am not entirely ruling it out.
This is where I usually have browse for fish (am in the UK.)

Any suggestions are most welcome!

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Leleupi killed my shellies in a 72" tank, yes.

Calvus would work.
Tangs are so awkward! :x

Came across some Ophthalmotilapia. They look great but females may be a bit drab. Would hate to get group of juvies and find they are all female!
Not a great detail about them that I could find regarding suitable tank mates but looks like it "could" work.
Some older articles with people keeping them with shellies and cyps and calvus.
Read they can grow up to 8" but don't think I've seen a pic or video with them near this size at all. Maybe people are just showing them as young and not fully grown.

Am open to removing the multis and keep them in their species tank. Either leaving shellies out altogether or get some other suitable shellies.

The advice I was given when I started on this forum is to give the Ophthalmotilapia the entire bottom.
I would go with calvus. I got a group of 6 some very small and introduced them to my already established tank and had no bother. They're peaceful. Also the other fish won't touch them because they have serrated scales so any fish trying to take a bite soon realise
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