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I am putting together plans for a tank for my office reception area. We really don't have much foot traffic in that area.

The tank is 60"L x 18"W x 20"H ~ 95G

I am considering breeding groups for colors (not keeping any fry).

Definites for the tank:
Ottophayns Lithobates
Aulonocara Stuartgaranti (Flametail)

Would Kyoga Flamebacks work a possible 3rd to add red to the tank? There will be some plants.

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You would want to stock 1m:4f (or possibly more females, but more males may not work). And females are silver or color.

I did not fine that flamebacks colored well in a Malawi tank.

I would do mbuna because females are colorful. 1m:9f of each:
Labodichromis caeruleus
Pseudotropheus acei
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