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Just wanted to share my ideas as I'm going through the EXACT same thing as you.
Mine may be a bit different because I want mine to spawn and produce fry. But as DJ said, you can get some synos to eat your fry if you don't want to deal with it.
My stock list will look like:

4 Aulon. jacobfreibergi Eureka 1m/3f
5 Psuedo. sp. Acei (Msuli) 1-2m/3-4f
These are going to occupy the upper levels of the tank and get larger.
5 Cyno. afra (Cobue) 1m/4f
5 Psuedo. saulosi 1m/4f
5 Iodo. sprengerae 1m/4f
These guys don't get very big and will stay in the rocks most of the time. With some of the groups at the end I might be able to get away with adding another male.
These mbuna aren't too aggressive either so they won't bother the peacocks. (depends on the fish sometimes)

Basically I have 5 different colored groups with low aggression and a breeding bonus :thumb:
I've thought this through very clearly and will be quite happy with the final product.
I'm also going to put a few bn plecos in and am thinking about clown loaches.

Anyway, thats what I'm planning. Just an idea and maybe some inspiration for your tank :wink:
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