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I have similar tastes to yours. I would be cautious on the P. Socolofi.

I kept:

L. Hongi
M. Estherae
P. Flavus
P. Polit
L. Mbamba
C. Afra Cobue
C. Afra Jalo Reef
P. Elongatus

along with the socolofi. These groups were in the 70 gallon tank in different combinations along with Sooclofi, I only kept three groups at a time. And there was one male and two females of each species every time. The socolofi were the only ones in the tank the entire time. My combinations were carefully researched, but I kept losing fish. Eventually, I lost all of my fish except for my harem of Socolofi. They took all of my other fish out. And unfortunately they were my least favourite and supposedly one of the least aggressive of the bunch but they ended up killing the rest of my fish.

I don't know if I got a bad bunch of Socolofi and it usually is not the case, but I had to tell you my experiences. Just be careful with any fish you get. Remember, they are all aggressive even if they are only considered 'mildly aggressive' compared to the rest. You might end up having a group of fish you don't like too much killing about three hundred dollars worth of fish.
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