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90 gallon question

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ok so i was planning on buying a second penguinn bio wheel 350 for my 90 gallon tank because there was a good sale at petsmart. well i didnt realize that the sale ended on the 18th so now it is regular price again. (47.99 i think)
my question is do i really need another filter for my tank? i have 14 cichlids in the tank right now and 2 small plecos and will be stocking 20 to 30 eventually.

thanks for the help!
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If you want the bio wheel 350, go here and print this off. They should price match, mine does.
Did not go thru like I thought it would. Click on the model arrow and go down to the 350. It's only $26.99 online.
awesome! thanks i didnt notice this price online being different!
im gonna get another one wheter i need it or not for that price!
If I'm reading this right, you have *a* penguin 350 on your 90 gallon, and you're asking if you should add another?? Is that right?

If so...I'd definitely add another one, maybe another two. That's just me. I believe the commonly quoted rule of thumb for HOB filters is 10x turnover/hour. 700 gallons/hour falls a little short. You can always add another one down the road; you don't have to add it today.
yes you are correct i have 1 on the tank and am adding another one today. i went to petsmart but they were sold out so i called around to another close petsmart and they are holding me the last one, til after work.
i thought my penguinn 350 was rated for a 125 gallon tank but i was noticing on this forum the speak of multiple filters and higher number of fish and decided i needed another filter!

i dont want to add three of tehm though, with the two penguinn 350s on will i be able to take out my air stones since the top of the water will be constantly moving?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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