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Hey everyone I am looking to set up a new 90 gallon hap/peacock tank. I have a few really nice pieces of driftwood that I am currently curing in large tubs outside. Hopefully I can get a lot of the tannin's leached out before I get the tank set up. I don't plan on setting this tank up till after summer vacations are over so I have a month or 3 for those things to cure, plus the time cycling the tank. I have looked over the cookie cutter lists of livestock in the library and here are the plans so far. any input or suggestions would be really appropriated.

Fluval fx6 filter (need to purchase)
Fluval E series 300w heater(own)
Some sort of Hydor circulator(need to purchase)
Fluval fresh and plant 3.0 light(need to purchase).(I have one for my 20 gallon low tech planted and I love it)

Open to suggestions.

Placidochromis phenochilus - 5
Copadichromis trewavasae -5
Protomelas taeniolatus (Red)-5

annubais attached to the driftwood and rocks
floating frog bit

anyway I am just starting to put things into motion so I am looking for input/feed back so I don't make any expensive mistakes. I will have a live stock post in the malawi section thanks in advance!

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Let's keep this post just for tank set up then, and discuss stocking in the Malawi section.
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