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90 gallon haps

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I have a chance to get a used ggod shape 90 gallon to move my haps to.
currently using marineland 350 filter
light layer of fine gravel
not sure on heater watage, came in kit.
Do I keep the 350 and add a emporer 400-$60 at petworld or an eheim 2215 or 2217 or just a 2217??
do I need a bigger heater?
and should I just add or switch to pool filter sand?

whats the easiest way to switch tanks?
fish list:
2-3in livingstonii
2-proto. tain. fire blue's(m-5in,f-3in)
1-eye biter(3in)
1-orange shoulder peacock(4in)
1 hap ahli eb(4.5in)
I'm sure most of you have had to swap tanks at some point some hope I get some responses.
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Since you already have an HOB I would go with the Canister. Personally I would go with the 2217 because it moves 264gph (Gallons per hour) compared to the 2215 which is 164gph. I would go with Pool filter sand over gravel. Much easier to clean on more to their natural environment.

As far as the heater, try using the old one first. You want to go with the smallest wattage possible incase the heater breaks and fries your fish. So use that one to see if it does the job, if not you can upgrade to a larger one.
I usually keep both tanks, so you fill the new one and move the fish.

If you are getting rid of the old tank and the new one will go in the same place...and you are getting a new stand too...try this.

Drain old tank to about 2" of water. Slide tank/stand together 2-3 feet forward (tile floor helps with this). Position new tank/stand as you like. Fill and transfer fish. Tear down old tank.

You could put the fish in a bunch of buckets will small filters/heaters or air stones while you make the switch.
:thumb: +1 on the Eheim 2217. I've been running that on my 75g. I'd keep the HOB too, since that way you can more easily run carbon or a polisher.
I strongly recommend that you pass on the 90 gallon & look for a 6 foot tank. The haps on your list will get too big for a 4 foot tank. lol :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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