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90 gal upgrade

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I have a 75 gal now with 20 cichlids in it. Coworker is getting rid of a 90 gal tank (only $100) and want to upgrade. I need some suggestions on best way to go about this. Current filtration is 2-AC110 and XP4. Should i get any other type of filtration/water movement?? Holey rock for decoration sitting on egg crate, crushed coral for substrate. Any help would be appreciated.
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That should be more than enough filtration. You might end up needing a powerhead or two for movement, but with that much filtration if you place the outlet of the XP4 carefully you'll be fine.

Go for the upgrade. I love the extra height of my 90 gallon. Looks great with my mbuna going in and out of my huge rockpile.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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