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Right, I'm not new to this and like to think I know what I'm about when it comes to tangs but I'd like some advice from you guys as what to stock it with as I've been out of the game for a while. It has a massive rockpile in the left 2 foot with sand substrate with lots of dense vallis and shells to the right side with another, smaller, rounded flint rockpile in that corner for refuge.

The only thing I'm set on is a colony of multies as they're soooo cool and funny to watch. Also I dont want to restrict myself to just cichlids so any ideas on compatible barbs etc would also be appreciated.

It currently houses two somewhat lost White Cloud Mountain Minnows for filtration reasons that're essentially 'disposable'. (got a lil tank ready for them if I can catch the buggers tho)

Hope you can help.
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