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I am still new to keeping Mbuna but am addicted already... :D I'm looking for advice on the next additions to my tank...

Currently, I have 4 yellow tail acei 5 red zebra and 5 maingano all about 2-2 1/2". I am very happy with the fish I have and am planning to be adding more soon.

I am pretty convinced that my next species is going to be yellow labs(thinkin about 6 or 8 of them). I also would really like to find some white top haras because i think they are awesome looking fish. And I might end up getting 1 demasoni cause I think they are cool also...

Do you think that will be too overstocked for my 4FT 75G tank?

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If you look at the cookie cutter setups in the Library for a 75G tank, you will see that most suggest 2-4 species. There is one cookier cutter that suggests 6 species, but I don't think that one is the best mix ever suggested on this website.

I'd stick to 4 species. When adding the yellow labs, be aware that they cross-breed with red zebras so do not collect try from either the labs or the zebras.

White tops are awesome and so are Demasoni. If you go with Demasoni, keep in mind you need at least 15 to spread aggression.
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