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1 or 2 ahli
1 or 2 moorii
1-3 venustus
1 or 2 albino peacock

and i cant think of any more since im pretty new to haps/peacocks. but i have been keeping mbuna close to a year now. and only lost 1 since it was to young and the other picked on it.

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you could just have one male of a species, or a group of females with a male.

Choose fish from different genus and it is best if they have different male color or female pattern.

So you could have a group with these... you would want to get to a dozen fish to get some population density to get them to feel comfortable and keep problem aggression down

Scienochrmis fryeri "Ahli"
Aulonocara "Yellow" Peacock
Protomelas "Taiwan reef" or "Red Empress"
C. moorii

Copadichromis borleyi
Placidochromis "Phenocheilus" or P. electra could be used.

Venustus get pretty big, maybe you could have one

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2 ahli
3 yellow peacocks
2 re empresses
2 moorii
1 c. borlyi
1 p.electra
and 1 venustus

would that be good??

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Malawi do not pair, each male needs a harem of two or more females. So if you want lots of variety and color, go all male with one fish of each species. There is an article about all male tanks in the library. If you want males and females for interaction and breeding, then you need to choose fewer species (maybe 4?) and add females.

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o ok thanks.

i most likly will go with an all male since i dont want any of the fish to breed.
and the colors.
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