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So looking like I have a line on a 75 gallon tank/stand, and some extras (for a whopping $75...WIN!). So looking for some examples of 75 gallon setups to get my creative juices flowing. This tank will primarily (maybe even exclusively) house Malawi Cichlids. At this point I am less concerned with fish selection (I can read through the cookie cutter setups for that, so looking more towards pictures of 75 gallon setups, maybe ideas on filtration, lighting, etc. This will be my FIRST Cichlid tank, and I am excited to say the least :)

So anyone that can show some 75 gallon setups, or offer advice for this still learning (and learning alot...thanks to these forums and to a local from these forums (Prov356), it would be greatly appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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