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75 gallon sump complete for 180 gallon tank

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here is a few pics of the complete look of the 75 gallon sump for my 180g tank my bio chambers measure 16x18x15"

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Looks great, that should do the job. :thumb:
i hope it will do the job im also running 2 emperor 400's for a total filtration amount of 2300 gph
You might want to insert a gate valve on the short horizontal pipe so that you can balance the flows to the two chambers.

A sheet of plywood under the sump would help even out any irregularity in the floor under the tank and prevent the plastic frame from cutting a permanent mark into the carpet. A sheet of styrofoam insulation on top of the plywood helps even out irregularities too and also helps better insulate the sump so it does not lose too much heat to the floor, overworking your tank heater if it has one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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