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Whew.... the 75G is definitely getting a workout lately!
That, and variations on a recent, suggested stocking scheme as well.... :roll:
So, here's what I can offer,
As mentioned, a Severum will push the limits of a 75G tank. At up to 7-8 inches in adult length, they are actually a pretty sizable fish. Fortunately, while their body type is certainly not as compressed in width as say an Angelfish, the body cross section of the Severum is not excessively wide, either... (Hericthys, etc.). And fortunately also, the Severum is considered a 'low aggression' kind of cichlid. Which means its a decent candidate for stocking in a community tank. But, far from ideal for keeping with anything you may want. Plus, the Severum is definitely a fan of it's veggies. Individual fish may vary in this, but they will ALL nip, bite, gnosh and possibly outright DESTROY any live, aquatic plants put in an aquarium with them. This is one reason the Blue Acara, or smaller Convicts, T-Bar or Cutteri cichlids remain popular for stocking in planted tanks.
- Rainbowfish! Wow, those are certainly quite hot now. Nothing wrong with that, but why not try an active, dither fish species that has also worked in keeping with New World cichlids instead? That would be the 'tried & true' Buenos Aires Tetra (BAT) -(Hyphessobrycon anisitsi). I really like the way those larger growing Tetras look. And, that is a dither fish species that belongs in the same aquatic biotope as a Severum. They sorta go together, y'know?
- Pictus catfish. Okay, I know for this very social species that stocking with 4 of them is good, 6 is better and 8 (or more) is getting just about right. Beware though, people come away frustrated with the Pictus catfish a lot. This catfish species is definitely sensitive to poor water quality. 5 PPM Nitrates or lower? Whew... water changes are gonna be something you are going to be doing a lot.
So, to summarize?
- One Cichlid
- At least consider BAT as a suitable New World dither fish
- More Pictus Catfish
- Say hello to more (and higher quantity) water changes!
Hope this helps?
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