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75 Gallon Filtration

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I have an Emperor 400 for a 75 gallon tank but I want to add a marineland c-360 or the one below that to it. DO you think I can get away with the one below that one with the HOB Emperor 400? I think its a c-260 or something.
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Why would you want to go smaller? With the bigger one you could manage if your Emperor ever died and wouldn't have to clean the canister out as often.

Personally, I run a single FX5 on my 75 and it stays clean and well filtered. I also have 2 Rio 1700's running 8 USJ's though.
Go with the c-360 you will be disapointed if you go smaller. I run two AC 500/110's on mine with Fluval 405 and it is great. I get great water movement and the fish love it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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