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First off I would like to say hello to everyone since i'm new here! I am getting ready to move to Kentucky here in a few weeks and have decided when I setup my 3 tanks again, 90/72/55, i'm going to setup my 72 bowfront as a SA tank. First time really keeping these. I have always had only tropical and africans. I would like keep a Blue Acara and a Balzani. Would those work together? If so how many more smaller SA could I keep in here. Also if I wanted to could I keep some Rams in here also? Can you mix types of Rams without worrying about hybrids or should I pick one type and get a few of those?

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well to start welcome to the site. i love the community sa/ca tanks myself. i suggest first of selecting one or two species of cichlid. perferably one smaller then the other. (IE acara and maybe apistos or rams) try getting easy going plants (swords, hogwort, javamoss, java fern, anubias, water sprite, etc) and then add some bogwood and some rocks to create structure (for the cichlids to pair off and breed in) and then maybe add a nice school of tetras and some cories to fill it off. either way itll work well. as for mixing ram types, there is the bolvian and the German blue, blue, gold etc. the german blue or ramirez have many different color morphs but i would suggest staying away from them. the bolvians will be much hardier and less subject to stress. the GBR's prefer LOW ph and nearly no hardness so its very hard to keep it stable. gl to you and feel free to join the chat to ask more questions.

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Some reccomendations for a 72-75g SA community. I'm sure I forgot some.

Blue Acara
Bolivian Rams
Dwarf Acaras (Laetacara)
Dwarf Pike(Crenicichla)

Gymnogeophagus prefer cooler water
Geophagus (good in groups)

possibly (but get large)


German Blue Rams require warm water which the others dont, and is not a good mix.

I would recomend something similar to my 75g setup. These should be available at most LFS.

1 Blue Acara
1 Severum
2 Angels
3 Bolivian Rams or Keyholes

I also have numerous large bodied tetras and a group of cory cats. Always avtive and enjoyable tank.

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