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I'm looking for stocking suggestions for a very nice colorful office tank. The office would prefer a saltwater tank due to the brightly colored fish but I don't have the time to try to maintain one. I've been keeping freshwater for over a decade now and haven't kept africans outside of Tropheus for well over 9 years. I know the bow front isn't the same dimensions as the standard 75 or 55 so that's why I'm looking for suggestions.

Filtration is a 30 gallon sump and I'm thinking of lava rock on white sand (to give it that saltwater live rock vibe).

Due to the size I'm thinking mbuna would be the way to go just looking for suggestions for stock that doesn't get super aggressive for mbuna. Colors I'd like to see in the tank are as follows..

Yellow - Labs would fit the bill here
Red/Orange - Not sure about this color combo, Rustys perhaps?
Blue/Purple - Acei maybe?

Or could go Kenya which would take both the yellow and blue/purple slots but not sure how aggressive they are and what in the red/orange could hang with them if they are that aggressive. I've kept labs and acei in the past and both seemed to be on the more docile spectrum of the mbuna aggression scale.

In addition to coloration I'd need suggestions on numbers to keep as well.

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Welcome to C-F!

Acei get very large and would eventually outgrow that tank. Take a look at Cynotilapia sp. Hara. Females have blue coloration as well as the striking males. Labs and Rusties with them would be a nice combo. Chindongo Socolofi(FKA Pseudotropheus) would fit the blue idea as well, but I found them very aggressive.

You'd likely be buying juveniles, so groups of each is recommended. 8 minimum. I'd do at least 10 of each.
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