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72 Gallon Acei/Lab

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This is my 72 bow, running since February. I have 6 Labs and 5 Acei. Check em out.

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i love how your rocks have algae. how long did it take for rocks to look like that?
About two months. At first it was 100% diatoms but then it turned to that.
100% diatoms
What is that?
I am unsure how to explain it. It's like a brown "algae" that new tanks get.
Do you think the intake on the left is an eyesore?
I got diatoms and hate them. But that green algae looks so cool! :eek: I wont those rocks and algae so bad!
Lol, I hate diatoms as well, however I am loving this green stuff :D
Marconis said:
Do you think the intake on the left is an eyesore?
yeah but what are you gonna do....
*** had the diatoms for almost 6 just starting to get the green going...!! i hope it turns out like yours
On my old tank, my diatoms never, ever, went away. It was such a ***************. At least on here they turned green.
I have green algae, but nowhere near that bright! :eek:
Maybe it is some kind of mutant algae? :lol:
i know this is probably a stupid question but what is diatoms :oops:
I belive it's the brown alge but some one else please confim or deny this :) crazy looking alge :dancing:
Recent pic of my largest Acei. Still trying to figure out what the black markings on him are. They are on another Acei as well.

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I had similar marks on my estherae when I had them. I hear it's a combination of bad genetics and too much spirulina in their diet.
Did it go away when you stopped feeding them Spirulina so much, and did they have any other health problems?
that IS some nice algae growth! if you don't mind, what camera did you use to take those pics?
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