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Pnut said:
I have a 72 bow but thinking bout getting a 90 gallon but the 90 dimension are similar to the 72 bow its not that much off a difference 72 bow is 48 x 18 x 22 90 gallon is 48 x 18 x 24 should i just start my 72 over or buy the 90 ? Believe it or not the 72 bow is bigger then the 75 gallon in somebody on the forum told me to stock the 72 like a 55 they was wrong . 72 already setup all i have to do is buy a new filter c and cycle the tank and order my Mbunas
Footprint or surface area is usually most important, depending on what you're stocking.
In that case, a standard 75g (48x18x21) is better than a bowfront 72g (48x18x22) due to the bowfront's unusable floor space that extends forward past the sides, which are usually around 13", the same as a 55gallon. The 18" measurement is taken from the back middle to the front middle.
If it was my choice, I'd get a standard 75.
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