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60 gallon tank...need some suggestions on Utinta.

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I've got a 60 gallon with two large piles of lace rock work on opposing ends and a large open area in the middle covered in shells.

There is a bit of vallisneria in the center, along with some mosses and anubias growing on the rockwork.

Current tank inhabitants are 9 ocellatus gold and 6 firefin/redfin compressiceps. The comps are only about 1.25-1.5" right now so it will be some time before I need to thin out the males.

I'm wondering if I could squeeze some Cyp. Utinta in here as well or if it will be pushing the bioload too far and/or be overcrowding the tank.

I'll try to get some pictures up on Friday or Saturday to give a better idea of what I'm working with.
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Filtration is an Eheim Pro II canister filter, not sure if it's a 2026 or 2028 - but they've both got tons of biological filtration.

Added circulation with two Koralia 2 powerheads.

I've noticed, despite how small they are, the occies seem to be obsessed with taking up tons of floor space - over the entire footprint of the 4' tank they've still managed to oust 1 of the 9 to a corner behind some lace rock away from the shells.

I don't plan on adding the utinta for some time, but was just trying to get an idea of how many I should go for and what would work.
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