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55g Mixed Malawi

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55g glass tank w/ glass top. Marineland Magnum 350 canister + Cascade 300 HOT. Substrate is crushed argonyte/coral, and the rocks are lava rocks, with the exception of the one limestone-like rock. Light comes from 2, dual T5 strips w/ LED moonlights. Each strip houses 1 x actinic and 1x 10k. The fish are as follows; 1 x Iceberg Blue Ahli, 1 x Crystal Ruby Peacock, 1 x Borleyi, 1 x OB Zebra, 1 X albino zebra, 3 x male yellow labs, 10 x mixed sex juvenilles about 1" long (female yellow lab is holding more fry in the spare tank), 1 x mbamba, 1 x Zebra Obliquidens (I know it isn't Malawi), 1 x Blue Dolphin, 1 x livingstonii

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Yep, I've been keeping African Cichlids for a little over 4 years. I plan on upgrading to a 90G and moving the haps/peacocks to the larger tank. The tank is actually a 60gallon (slightly taller than 55G) but fits perfectly on a 55G stand. The 55G will remain for the Mbuna's. There's also a 10gallon half-moon tank that I use for the yellow lab fry. The livingstonii is a female that I've had for a little over a year and a half, and she hasn't grown at all, surprisingly, beyond current size. She also holds infertile eggs on a regular basis, which she then eats. All sorts of interesting things happening in the tank. Thanks for your comments!
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