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Starting a new setup due the unfortunate cooking of my former Mbuna set up last year (heater failure).
This time I want to go with a Hap/Peacock set up.
Tank has been cycling for 3 weeks and water tested to verify ready for fish.
This time I purchased a Stealth 200w heater w/ the shutoff to avoid another heater disaster. :thumb:
Filtration is a Fluval 404.
Substrate black sand mix.
So far have two hardy plants (chry? something?)and plan on adding some holey rock w/ larger size holes.
Taking all this in to account I plan on limiting to 3 species, 3 of each as per the helpful cookie cutter.
I would like to get Aulonocara stuartgranti maleri or Rubescens and Copadichromis trewavase.
I checked the cookie cutter and compared w/ forum articles have found it difficult to come up with the third species. Most Protomelas and Placidochromis will grow to big and not to crazy about Otopharynx lithobates.
Any ideas on a 3rd? Could I get away w/ getting stocking both Aulonocara w/o hybrids?Thnx.

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I'm very fond of my lithobates. yes, he's taking a long time to color up but I love his bright yellow blaze. he is also a very mellow fellow . . .

Another thought: I have a yellow jake peacock. He's very, very beautiful (similar colors to the lithobates). While he is a jacobfriebergi and has a rep for being more belligerent, mine is not at all and he would be a nice compliment to the ruby red and the mloto . ..
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