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55 gallon to 90 gallon worth it?

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I may have the opportunity to get a 90 gallon (48x19x24) tank for cheap money. I currently have a 55 gallon (48x12x21) tank that is in the process of cycling. I only have room for one tank. Do you think it's worth the switch? How much will my options increase as far as fish?
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If the maximum width you can have for a tank is 48" then yes it is worth it. It gives you 7" more width and will allow you to house more fish.

If you can go longer on the length then I'd wait and find either a 5' 100 gallon or jump up to a 6' length (120+).
I'm going to a 90 from 55 as well, same dimensions. Definitely worth it.
I just went from a 55 to a 90 this past weekend and it is definitely worth it. My fish love to swim in the upper part of the tank now and the extra width is great too.

I wouldve love to have bought a 6 footer but it just wont fit in my living room.
I would definitely go with more volume if the price is right.
It can be worth the switch if the price is right. It also depends on what you plan on keeping in the tank. But I agree dotbomb, if you can go longer I would wait for a good deal on a 125. Once you get a 6ft tank its hard to not want all 6ft tanks.
Do it! Your fish will love you for it :D
i just swtiched from a 55 to 90. So worth it :popcorn:
I added a 180g and still have my 55g, and I still want bigger!! You may feel that way too.
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