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55 gallon south american tank

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okay im planning this out but wanna bounce some ideas w people
tank size: 55 gallon
Filtration: 1 penguin 350, 1 10 gallon sump w diy overflow
substrate: 3/4 sand 1/4 fine pebbles
Plants: 2 large annubis, java moss and java fern attached to center piece driftwood, and some lillies for floating plants
6 angel fish
2 bolivian rams
8 black widow tetras
1 catfish (any ideas??)
Decor: im planning on making rock caves around 3 and then some other decor

what do you think
is there another species of fish that i could add and are the black widows from south america? is there another tetra i could substitute to make it more biotope like?

thanks :fish:
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I love hatchets. They look great in SA/CA tanks. I wouldn't add any other fish beyond this though as 6 angels may or may not work. I've seen it work most of the time, but sometimes you will get a very dominant angel that will just go bezerk.
I love S. American tanks, but because the region is so massive the number of true biotopes is also huge. It can be as general as 'South American' to as specific as a particular river or basin.

I wouldn't go with six angels, try and get a pair.

Also, the black widow tetras aren't the most colorful. Personally, I like red-eye or cardinal tetras, but a shoal of black neons or bleeding hearts is worth a look. I think the key though is the size of the shoal; I wouldn't want less than 15. I once had 30 cardinals and they looked great.

Rams can be a little difficult, but I never had any problems (lucky I guess). You should also go with some corydoras for the bottom of the tank; make sure you get at least six. An ancistrus will keep the tank free of algae. A sand substrate is preferable for the corys.

I would research Amazon tanks until you get a good idea of the kind of look and species you want. The options are so huge that the advice you could get is endless. Here's a good start ... blogid=181
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I agree, just get a couple of angels. They can grow quite large and can be aggressive when there are too many in the tank.

I put a school of black neons and a school of cardinals in my 75 gallon tank and they look great. The black neons are also one of the hardiest varieties of tetras.

I agree with all VT4Me says. Got to get an ancistrus.

Also, put some driftwood in the tank. You can attach java fern or anubis to it and it will look great.
Don't get black widow tetras aka black skirts. They are nasty and aggressive and fin nippers in my experience. And not really that attractive. Better options IMHO are rummynose (my favorite), pristellas, and black phantoms (very attractive and engaging and females have red.)

A group of cories is a must! And you won't regret getting an albino long-finned bristlenose pleco. They could not be more beautiful!

You don't talk about your lighting or if you plan to use C02, but angels look fabulous with swords and vals to swim among . . . I also recommend Eco-complete as a substrate if you're going with plants.
i have 2 packages of ecocomplete on the bottom of my tank with sand/gravel mix on top, seems to work decent. plant roots get the the ecocomplete but the fish get to have the sand they like.

i wouldnt worry too much about a "biotope" because the bolivians and angels already dont "go" in the wild. a "angel" biotope isnt that great to look at anyway ;)

anyway +1 for rummynose, they are beautifull swimming together in a school.
+1 for corys, they are a must have IMHO in a SA community tank

i have 2 keyholes, 6 bolivian rams, 3 corys, a pleco, 4 angels, 16 rummynose and 2 penguin tetras im my SA community tank
oh okay well replace the black phantoms w 12 bleeding heart tetras (they are cool and pretty cheap at my lfs) and a few cories. The cories and the Rams won't have a problem?
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