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55 Gallon - All Male Peacock Tank Stocking

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Hey all,

Hoping for some help on stocking a 55g all male peacock tank. While I would love to do a 75G and it would make this much easier, the space just doesn't currently exist (although there could be an upgrade about 18-24 months out once my finished basement is complete). Only background I will add is that I've kept and bred a variety of fish (fresh and salt, cichlids and non) for about 20 years, so I do have some experience, but never kept peacocks and have always wanted to, I also have no shortage of available (currently idle and stacked in the basement) tanks that could be setup if I run into a problem with a fish on this until it could be permanently rehomed.

Here is what I was thinking:

Aulonocara Rubescens
Aulonocara Baenschi
Aulonocara Koningsi
Aulonocara Maulana
Aulonocara Saulosi
Aulonocara Stuartgranti
Aulonocara sp. "Turkis"
AAulonocara "Rubescens Albino"
Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda"

All of these are readily available to me via a LFS who can pretty much get their hands on just about everything as far as cichlids with a bit of notice. They didn't seem overly concerned with the stocking, and said I might even be able to add one more. These would all be males obviously..happy to hear thoughts, alternatives and whether there may be space for 1 more as well (and a recommendation?)
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I'd skip the Lwanda as it is a jacobfreibergi and a larger/more aggressive peacock.

You have a couple of blue peacocks but worth a try and you can adjust if necessary.

I am definitely open to other suggestions to get rid of some of the blue.. The only three I would say are a must for me are the first three in the list.
The problem with all peacocks is that there are only 4 basic colors. You could swap out some of the blue ones for haps.

Maybe a Placodichromis electra and Protomelas marginatus?
To be honest all of these fish are closely related, you can try but essentially you just have variations of blue and yellow-orange of fish most of which are basically the same species more or less. Seven of those are of the Stuartgranti group. If you are set on just having male Aulonocara, it doesn't matter that much, you will get some winners and some losers, you should really only have one type from each species. You need it somewhat crowded and should have males of different genera but a 55g doesn't give you much room.
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