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55 gal. help with stocking

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I have so many cichlid tanks im tired of it. I wanted to do a catfish/shark mix?? what do y'all think and are there any suggestions? Here's what i kinda had in mind.

1- pictus
1- redtail
1- pangasius
1- bala
1- croaking cat
1- spotted raph

This is just a grow out tank mind you. I know it wont work in the long run I just want something to look at besides rocks for now. :)
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No, it won't work out in the long run, and typically I don't recommend that people purchase fish that they know won't work out, without knowing what sized tank (volume and dimensions) they plan on using long-term, and when they plan on getting it.

Could you please also clarify, that when you say Red-Tailed Cat are you referring to Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, that grows to over 36" and 200lbs?
Yea i was talking about a red tailed shark not catfish. my bad. and no i ment 55gallons. ... -shark.jpg
so since y'all crushed my stocking list. lol. what could i do in the 55 that involves sharks/cats? Or is there anything?
I guess i dont own a oscar yet. I might just go with one big fish instead. but still give me somethings that might work instead of just saying nope that wont work. thx again guys.
How about Pimelodus pictus? I've kept these in the past and found them to be active, interesting and relatively peaceful, keep them in a small group. I've also had good luck with large schools of Synodontis nigriventris (upside down catfish), given a shady aquarium they're diurnal, school and spend the majority of their time upside down! I think the pictus get about 8" and the nigriventus don't reach more than 4". I'm sure someone here as some experience with cyprinids like the "sharks" you were suggesting. I really like my Siamese algae eaters, they may not be the most colourful, but they do school, are peaceful and are hardy as ****. Not to mention the fact that they eat nearly every kind of algae available to them throughout their entire life cycle!
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