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I have all these fish.. there fine right now but when they get older and bigger will there be to many fish or will they not get along.

"8 JackDempsey
"5 Female Kenyi
"5 Male Zebra
Two "3 Afras
"3 Throph ikola
Two "3 Bumble bees

I am plannin on taking the dempsy out when the other are larger. Will a full grown male bumblebee tolerate the smaller fish?

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Take out the Dempsey and the Tropheus and you have a Mbuna stocklist. But Kenyi and Crabro (The bumblebees I presume) are still too aggressive for a 55 gallon. The Afra and Red Zebras would work but you would have to up the numbers to a group of five with a ratio of 1 male 4 females.

Otherwise just keep the Dempsey as a single 'wet pet' with a catfish and perhaps some dithers.

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Just like what others had said, the only real "on paper" successful stock lists you could have begin with removing most of your stock.

Option 1:
Sex your JD, find possible mates and keep a pair with a catfish and dithers (maybe too late to form match in a 55 gallon).

Option 2*:
Get more female kenyis and a male
Get more bumblebees
Maybe add auratus (too little space for the trio of evil in a 55?).

*Having kept all three of these, I would not necessarily recommend any of these, but the best way to keep them is all together or as species only.

Option 3:
Keep Afra and Zebra and increase numbers
Add a third species of dwarf mbuna.

Best of luck to you! :thumb:
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