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Finally have a couple of bolivians (not a single guy), and a couple of Borellii (LFS does not want to sell me additionnal Borellii females, he wants to sell them exclusively in couple.... I will wait the end of his batch if it remains some remaining females...).
Borelliis are nice looking fishes, changing colors on each interaction (blue, yellow, sparkling cheeks and returns to faded colors sometimes), curious guys that come to check my hand in the tank or directly come to eat right on my fingers ! but still youngs and still having a doubt if LFS has been really good in sexing M&F :p

Schooling guy I m waiting a bit to increase if necessary.

Still sticked in mind to my single Pearl (Even if watching so much empty spaces temptation is there to put a couple M/F, this tank is like producing so few nitrates !! but the tank won't handle a trio of Pearl so... harassement expected if a Peals couple only, means single Pearl as a result). 196L tank everyone is saying me ...guy put a couple or a trio in that, what do you need !? 200USGall to do something !!?! haha :p

Patience... Having floating plants is ok but reduce the growth rate under so still sparse.
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