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50 gallon South/Central American stocklist ideas?

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I was sort of looking towards putting 1 or 2 of each species. I want to keep cichlids that get about 4 inches. right now i have a firemouth and a convict, but decide on adding a sajica, and a keyhole. Will this idea work out or do i need a bigger tank. I need some suggestions on what i can put, or what i should take out. I want to put a variety of fish, rather than 1 fish thats dominating the whole tank.

Usually in African Mbuna, to cancel out aggression you add a lot of them. Does this work with American Cichlids too?

I know the tank is small, but it's all I have to work with. So can you tell me what I can put in there so it fits my tank?
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Alas, american cichlids don't like to be crowded, instead of spreading the agression out like rift lake cichlids, they all pick on the weakest until it's dead, then the next and so on down the line.

Your idea of 4 single smaller species should work, but I would skip the keyhole. Despite getting 5", they act like a dwarf cichlid and are very timid usually. Most specimens would be terrorized by a convict and firemouth.

The blue acara should be able to hold it's own, as would a port cichlid or even a west aftrican jewel cichlid.
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