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45 gallon stocking suggestions + showoff pics.

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Now that the first of my fish are all settled in, I'd like to go about starting to add more. Is it possible to have julies and shellies together? I'll probably be going with multies. Also, I'd like to go with cyps or paracyps. I heard paracyps fair much better in smaller tanks so I'll probably go that direction. What is the proper m/f ratio for paracyps?

Here's the Tank:

The tank inhabitants are:
Male White Calvus

Female White Calvus

Male Eret

Female Eret
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your tank is 48" long? Paracyprichromis will do great in there. If your tank is 48" long, you can put some cyps. Utinta or any standard size cyps.. I like doing 1:1 ratio to keep aggression level down.

You have quite a bit of rock dwellers in there. Gobies, calvus, paracyprichromis. I don't think you will have rooms for julies...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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