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I just got my hands on a 40 gallon breeder and am floating ideas of a heavily stocked planted tank. My tentative plan is:
Bristlenose pleco
Hillstream loach
4 cories (sterbai ot jewel)
2 german blue ram
2gold ram
2 keyhole cichlids
10-15 cherry barbs
1-2 angels or a single blue acara
3-4 pearl gouramis
I realize this is heavily stocked but for the 18x36 footprint I think most of it will be fine. The things I would like advice on are the amount of bottom dwelling cichlids ok for this size, keyholes are relatively peaceful and get bigger than rams but would the rams aggression stress them out too much. The other comes with the angels or acara. Now some people would say this tank is too short to maximize the angels potential, on the other hand I have never had an acara but understand they are mid water fish with a mild temperment, any thoughts on what the better option is?
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