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40 gal Saulosi species tank

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Just wanted to show off my tank now that it's up and running. It's been a week since I put in the fish and things are going well.

It's a 40 gal tank, custom built but close to the dimensions of a 40 breeder (european standard tanks don't follow the same measurements as the US ones due to the metric system).

I'm using a canister filter, TetraTec EX 700, which looks to be pretty much the same as the Marineland C-220, an Eheim 150W heater and a Tunze Nanostream 6025. That gives me a total turnover of around 20x tank volume which the fish seem to love.

The rocks are fibreglass and hollow and positioned so the fish can swim into most of them giving lots of hiding places. There's some java ferns and a thin layer of fine sand on the bottom.

The lighting is a 70W 10000K MH lamp which combined with the water movement creates some really neat moving shadows in the tank, it looks much more alive than with regular T5/T8 bulbs.

Currently I have 18 juvenile saulosis in the tank, no males have coloured up yet, but some of them are starting to show barring and blue fin edges so it shouldn't be too far off.
The plan is to cut the numbers back a bit once they start colouring up, I'm hoping to end up with 2-3 coloured up males and 10ish females.

I'm feeding them NLS pellets and the occasional spirulina tab, the kind that will stick on the glass.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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