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Im looking for opinions about this... I am planning a 300g project and dont have alot of time or patience to make a 3D background. I stumbled across this on MFK Forum ... styles.php
and was wondering if anyone has used it?
Would it look right in an aquarium?
Any other sites out there that make a similar but better aquarium product?

It looked decent in this guys 1000g aquarium but that is my opinion.

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Those are really nice. I especially like the Natural Rock and Slate series. A single panel would do a 90 gallon tank completely. At less than $70 that a sweet deal.

I would email them about the materials used to make the panels. They will very likely say that they do not recomend use under water (its a liability thing on there end), but if the materials they use are non-toxic once cured (good for the environment when used on homes) and are truely as durable as they profess (the UV resistance is a nice added benefit), it would atleast be worth a try. I wouldn't try it on a tank full of rare or expensive fish, but definitely worth a try.

I did find this under their Specifications Link. They tested tep resistance (High and Low), salt spray durability, water immersion and several other durability tests. This stuff is looking really good.
Water Immersion
Test No. TP04
This test procedure is used to evaluate the ability of the paint/polymer system used for the Faux Panels® system in resisting degradation when immersed in tap water.

Materials and Equipment

Plastic container to hold parts and tap water.

Plastic rack to separate parts such as a test tube rack which allows for spacing between test parts.

Tap water.

Faux Panels® production coated parts with barrier coat and top coat.

Scalpel or sharp knife.

Scotch cellophane tape #600, 1" wide.


Age finished parts for 1 week at room temperature (77 degrees F)

Immerse at least one-half of the part in tap water at 77 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. Randomly check parts at 1, 4 and 10 hours.

Remove test specimens and dry with cloth or towel.

Examine test parts for blisters between 5 and 15 minutes after removal and record observations.

Twenty minutes after removal from tap water, cut through the coating with a sharp knife. The cut should be made the entire length of the test par over the areas that were and were not immersed in tap water.

Apply test tape over the entire cut coating and press firmly to make sure tape is well adhered.

Immediately remove the tape in a smooth quick pull at a ninety degree angle and record any loss of coating adhesion.

Age the test part at room


Report the paint/polymer coating appearance at the 5-10 minute period after part removal and after 12 hour recovery period on both part substrates.

Report the size and amount of blistering using ASTM D714 as the reference..

The paint/polymer coating passes if the size and quantity of of blistering is #6 few and less, adhesion is 3b or less and there are no other visual film defects.

Compare test results to Faux Panels(r) standard parts.


The parts tested passed. There were no blisters or imperfections on the Faux Panels®
samples tested. No color shift noted.
(They may be more open about their product if you explain that if it idoes turn out to be suitable for aqaurium use, that they will suddenly have a huge increase in customer base. And some great chances for advertising..."Hey nice back ground where'd you get it?" "Its from, they actually are made for the outside of homes." "Hey I was thinking about giving my house a face lift, now I can do that and spiff up the tank!")

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You might also try searching "mobile home skirting". These are plastic panels, and some have a pretty decent looking rock pattern. An example: ... y_Code=KRS

A 32" X 60" panel is $21.95. I haven't seen this in a tank, but a LFS has it as wall trim. It looks pretty good.

There is a good chance of finding a local mobile home dealer who can get it for you. Good Luck, and we want pics!!!!!!


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yea looks nice

if i had more $$ i would buy a bg instead of building one too. they look real nice but do not seem to have much 3d texture. i guess thats good because it gives your more swimming space and looks good. great ideas for my next tank proj. :thumb:
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