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3D Background finally (pics)

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Finally picked myself up a 3d background for $110AUD figured it was too much trouble to try DIY one into an established tank with a t-bar. I have my canister filter running behind it, yet to put the heater back there was thinking of a small power head to return water back to make sure the temp and water is circulated properly. What are your thoughts?



260L- 4ft - 20 x 17 Roughly..

3- Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei" (Msuli)
3- Nimbochromis venustus
5- Labidochromis caeruleus (Kakusa)
1- Cyrtocara moorii
1- Cynotilapia afra (Cobue)
1- Altolamprologus compressiceps (Gold Head)
1- Steatocranus casuarius
1- Peppermint bristlenose
1- Tropheos X
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i like the old one better...
the fish really stand out infront of a black background
Good job. :thumb:
Looks great, yeah i'd use the power head idea.
wow that looks awesome
where did you buy it from

its an amazing difference
i got the background from

thanks for the comments, im really happy with it.
That's a significant improvement. Not that it looked bad before, but it gives a lot of character to the tank. I like that you removed the slate looking pieces too. It all goes together much better.
The 3D background looks nice, but I think the black gave your tank a feeling of "depth" that the 3D takes away. Either way.....nice tank!
Looks great. I'm looking for the same thing. Can you tell me the name of that background and how deep it is? My tank is only 18" and I'm concerned about putting a background in that is up to 12" deep.
Doc_Polit - in person its alot different and the fish behave a lot different from what I have observed.

David001 - the link is above, its made of rubber or latex or something so only as deep as the impressions, if you had a perfect fit id say it would only take up about 1-2" at the most. iv got my canister running behind it and its bows out at one end because its a little long, but i think that curve gives it more character.
quiksilver, good to see a fellow aussie and a QLDer at that!!

the background you said is latex so i am guessing it is flexible. I dont suppose you noticed whether come in 2ft height for a taller tank? also was there different patterns?
Those purchased 3D backgrounds always leave a sour taste in my mouth. They look so friggen' awesome, but they are so friggen' expensive. Your tank looks really really good dammmit. :x
swamptrout youd have to give them a ring, they're a warehouse setup selling everything but fish. QUEENSLANDA.
Yeah i know aquariums r us. its where i got my tank built. i am going to suss out the background on the weekend.
Looks great, I have just purchased a laytex background for my tank as well.

did you silicone the background on or just place it in the tank?
Silicone would be ideal but i couldn't because my tank has been up and running for a while now.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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