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Hi guys,

We bit of in put would be great.

Im holding at the moment

1 albino
1 dragonblood
1 tangerine
2 baenschi
1 jacobfreiberg
1 sulphurhead
1 nygara flametail
1 orange OB
1 white OB
1 blue orchid
1 rubens
1 blue/ gold( possibly a hybrid)

*** got on order

1 pair otter point
1 pair chitande nkhata bay
1 pair lutheri chiofu
1 pair jacobfreibegi makokola reef
1 pair stuartgranti chidunga rock

What else can i add in here? Im after soemthing wow and not commonly seen in peacocks.

Many thanks

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What are the dimensions of the tank? You may already be full.

You have some fish that may conflict. Multiple jacobfreibergi. Multiple reds.

The blue orchid and sulphurhead may not color up in an all-male tank.

Why would you order pairs for an all-male tank?

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I would stock 12 individuals. Keep the females out of the tank...they will cause the males to be aggressive and may be killed or made sick themselves.
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